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                                                Registration of LLP
   The most popular form of legal entity's incorporation in the Republic of Kazakhstan is Limited liability partnership (LLP in brief). The Partnership may be created by one or more incorporators, who united their contributions into the authorized capital of LLP. The core target of incorporation of limited liability partnership is profit taking for its further distribution between the partnership’s incorporators.
   Upon registration of LLP it is important to known that its incorporators bear the risk of losses in the result of economic activity within the limits of the amount of authorized capital of the partnership, i.е. in the event of partnership’s losses, if any, personal property of LLP’s incorporators will not suffer !, except specific cases provided by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan allows incorporators of the partnership to make contributions into the authorized capital during one calendar year.
   The main documents for the registration of LLP are: incorporating documents, such as articles of incorporation and articles of association, protocol or resolution of sole incorporator of the partnership. Articles of association of the partnership may be if partnership has more than one incorporator. Articles of association and articles of incorporation of the partnership are subject to notarial certification of authenticities of signatures of the incorporators.
   Upon state registration, partnership shall define its registered office (legal address) that may be changed in future having notified registering authority.
    Regulatory body of the Partnership is director, who is entitled to act in the name of the partnership without power of attorney. Also, director of the partnership is entitled to open bank accounts and handle them, receive and contribute moneys to the current bank accounts.
   The partnership is not liable for individual obligations of the incorporators, as well as incorporators are not liable for the partnership’s obligations.
   LLP, in the context of branch of tax law are divided into three gradations, such as small-sized, medium-sized and large-sized business entities. LLP’s statuses have differences in the quantitative composition of wage workers and amount of annual profit of the partnership.
   LLP’s incorporators may be both individuals and business entities.
   Foreign entities have equal rights as entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan upon registration of LLP on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
   In order to register LLP on the territory of Kazakhstan one must have IIN (individual identification number) - for individuaks or BIN (business identification number) - for business entities in order to obtain EDS (electronic digital signature). EDS is necessary for the for authentication of persons, incorporating LLP by means of internet portal of electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

   Further, state registration of LLP, director of the partnership shall order a seal necessary for the activity of a business entity, and to open a bank account if necessary.
   First-time entrepreneur may thoroughly study laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and surf the internet, exploring legal capacity and peculiarities of state registration of business entities for a long time, but in this case we consider that the easiest way is to turn to experts in this sphere who for years render services on registration of business entities in the Republic of Kazakhstan quickly and quantitatively.  

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