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                                                  Seals and stamps
Company seal:
manufacture, commissioning, protection and disposition
Seals authenticate a document, and stamps replace repeated endorsement (stamp «Approved», «Paid»).
Stamp is a rectangular seal containing, for example, requisites of a company or repeating endorsement.
There is some types of stamps:
Stamp, establishing company’s liability for the document is a registration stamp; stamp, specifying condition of
storage of the document (confidential) is a stamp limiting access;
Address stamp of a company is requisite and includes name, registered office of a company. Taxpayer
registration number, account, e-mail etc.; as a rule is stamped on contracts and cash receipt.
Informative stamp consists standard phrases, replacing handwriting (for examole - daters and numeratoes).

Types of seals:
Seals may be round, triangle, watermark and bold:
-  round seals are the most widespread and are used almost always and everywhere. Triangle seals are used more rarely,
only in population service centers and military units.
Watermarks are used only by state agencies, as far as national symbols may be used only by state regulatory bodies.
-  Bold seals are not so popular in the Republic of Kazakhstan due to their high price, so we will not consider this type of
Any company seal may contain a logo, commercial and non-commercial companies are not entitled to use state symbols
of the Republic of Kazakhstan on their seals. 

                                                                  HOW TO ORDER A SEAL?

In order to order a seal or stamp You have to submit the following copies of documents:
1. Certificate of registered business entity or certificate of registration of sole proprietor;
2. Resolution or protocol of general meeting on incorporation of a business entity;
3. Identity card of Director of Business entity or Sole proprietor.
But often it may be necessary to make duplicate of existing seal that was lost or damaged. Sometimes, it may be
necessary to add necessary endorsements «for accounting», «for invoices», «bill of loading». - it is possible.

If You lost the seal, You have to file a request with mass media and lost and found department in order to announce that
You’ve lost Your seal and in order to obtain a certificate that the seal is not found at the moment. You should submit
specified documents to the authority manufacturing seals and stamps and they will manufacture the same seal for You
on the example of the seal impression, only with the letter «Д», standing for «duplicate».
In the Republic of Kazakhstan company may not have two identical seals.
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