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Legal support for legal entities
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In the turbulent flow dynamics of modern life in Kazakhstan, a first-time
entrepreneur or a community worker is wondering where to start and how to legitimize
their activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, where to go for help.
              Before starting to exercise legitimate activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, one shall
arrange for state registration of legal entity with the registering body of Justice. However,
sometimes doing so is not easy without having the skills and the basics of the state registration
procedure for a first-time business entity or an individual conducting activity in the format of NGO
(non-governmental organization).
Entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, that initially have an IIN (Individual Identification
Number) for individuals or BIN (Business Identification Number) for business entities, must obtain a
digital signature from an authorized body of Justice in order to establish a private enterprise
(register a limited liability partnership). This is followed by registration of a legal entity - LLC, LLP,
JSC - with a state using a cryptographic certificate (electronic key) on the Electronic Government
portal of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Next thing to do is to create a memorandum and articles of
association in the state and Russian languages, which would regulate civil and legal relations
between the parties of the legal entity, and then notarize the signatures of the organization founders.
Nonprofit organizations go through the same state registration process in judiciary bodies on paper.
Memorandum and articles of association of nonprofit organizations are not subject to notarization of
the founders’ signatures.
The next steps include acquiring a seal and opening a bank account for a legal entity.
It does not seem so difficult at first glance, BUT...!
To avoid the risk of drowning in the whirlpool of the above, our company provides a full
range of services related to state registration, registration renewal and further support for legal
entities of our customers in a professional and efficient manner since 2003.
We also produce seals and stamps necessary for business activities of legal entities.
We render services related to liquidation and reorganization of legal entities if required.
We assist in registration of branches and representative offices of legal entities on the
territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Our company provides similar services for business registration of all legal forms for
foreign legal entities and individuals within the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as current
registration of their branches and representative offices.

Our company has been cooperating with a group of professional and highly qualified
foreign language translators for a long time, and we can translate legal documents within the
shortest possible time.

Registration of LLP

Re-registration of LLP

Winding-up of LLP

Seals and stamps

Text translation services
with foreign languages,
notary certification